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Chris Matthews: “Do you think God belongs in American politics?...[Sarah Palin] knocks the McCain campaign because she didn’t have anybody in the campaign to pray with. That is an amazing public statement to me....I mean, this is a little bit theocratic, isn’t it? A little scary?...Is he [John McCain] the Anti-Christ? I mean what, she’s portraying him as some ungodly figure in which a campaign, a national campaign, where all the people surrounding her, and she couldn’t find anybody that shared her Christianity. Is that what she’s saying?”...
Washington Post’s Lois Romano: “I think it’s bizarre and I think it’s judgmental....”
David Corn, Mother Jones: “It was a mean and catty thing to say....I mean, I don’t see the point.”...
Matthews: “Why does everything sound like the 700 Club with this party now? I mean, everything seems to be a religious discussion.”

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