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Boy #1: “Mr. Obama, please, like, make all the trees not die because we all need oxygen to breathe.”
Girl #1: “When we were voting, lots and lots of people didn’t have very much money. So, you wanted to give some money to other people. And I thought it was a great idea.”...
Boy #2: “Can you please lower our taxes? And how come people who earn millions of dollars pay less taxes than us middle-class people?”...
Boy #3: about seven years old: “All this time, I’ve been alive, I’ve been having white presidents. And I think now, it’s- this is my chance to have a black president.”...
Boy #4: My school needs more healthy food, like broccoli and cheese.
Girl #2: I want you to make people stop littering because our Earth is dying.

Quotes | by Dr. Radut
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