CBS Now Urges Republicans to Be “More in the Middle...”
“Don’t you think that right now is not — it behooves the Republicans to be a little bit more in the middle? I mean, what are — they’re not — their voices aren’t going to be heard anyway, as we saw with this economic stimulus plan....So doesn’t it behoove them to be more bipartisan and meet in the middle?” -- Co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez to conservative author Ann Coulter on CBS’s Early Show, January 29.

But Scolded Democrats as “Too Close to the Middle” in 2002
“Did you run too close to the middle? There’s grousing already in the Democratic Party that Democrats didn’t act like Democrats, they acted like watered-down Republicans.” -- Co-anchor Harry Smith to Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe on CBS’s Early Show, November 6, 2002.