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Oh, and I'm still waiting to see BHO's college transcripts.
I wonder if any of the Republican nominees will have their transcripts splashed
across the country in the 2016 elections... surely not, the unbiased media wouldn't be that brazen would they?
And let me make a WILD prediction: whomever the nominee is, the media (and the left) - redundant, I know - will
paint him or her as "an idiot" or "one of the dumbest" ever. I know, it will probably
never happen, the media being as unbiased as they are, but that's my 'wild prediction.' (Jan 7th, 2015)
WELLLL, would you look at that. It didn't even take a month.
Headline in the Wapo is that they are investigating Scott Walker's college years.
HOLY JESUS what a shocker, I'm so surprised. How is that investigation into Obama's college years coming along?
I guess at this point, we can say that Bush is STILL smarter than Obama - since
we knew Bush's college grades before he even ran, and we are still waiting on the other set of grades. (Feb 11th, 2015)
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